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At The Spice Patch our mission goal is to provide relaxing health spice blends consumers can independently use on everything. Regardless the diet restriction, we want you to be comfortable with our bold flavor. On our journey of experiencing different cultures, we've decided to express it through our seasoning flavor blends. Delicately calculating each flavor, we've decided to give you a little of the traditional and a lot of new blends that we create on a daily.  With that being said, we provide you to create with us, mix the blends of the week to make your own flavor. You never know, you may get your blend mix featured in the Spice of the Month!

The Spice Patch is currently an one women show, providing handmade custom blends for flavor spiceologist just like the SHE-E-O. When demands are high, we are working our hardest and fastest to get the flavor to your kitchen. We also provide custom allergy blends for fellow flavor seekers who get left out. Choose your favorite blend, Inquire for us to take out your allergy, and enjoy our stress-free flavor.

We’re passionate about making spice blends that allow you to build fabulous creations and it’s all thanks to the support and feedback from users like you! Keep up to date with New Releases and what’s Coming Soon on our Instagram page. Feel free to hit our line and tell us what you think, give us feedback on what you would like to see next. 

Chasidy Flood, aka Chasythechef started her quest for flavor in 2013 when she came across "The Flavor Bible" while studying at Johnson & Wales University. Starting out in the culinary industry, while trying to find her mark in it, the grand question that was always asked, "what is your signature? " 

Chef Chasidy focused on flavor and diverse culture to further understand different cultures outside of her everyday southern comfort food that she's grown up on and mastered.

" I want to understand and respect different cultures just as if someone was hiring me as their personal chef. Everybody likes their food a certain kind of way, whether its traditional or something new, I want to be the chef to be able to understand and produce it all into The Spice Patch blends."

As the SHE-E-O continues into her chef career, Chef Chasidy recognizes how deep the black community is under the spell of unhealthy fats, salts, and sugars. To help, The Spice Patch blends provides all natural Hawaiian Black salt in ALL spice blends for natural salt intake, and to help reduce salt intake.

"Why not become the change to begin the lowering of high blood pressure, the diabetes, and the other food illness that is within the black community? I accept the challenge, and am excited for the journey on pro-black health."



Spiceologist + CEO


Chef Jay Labs

Levy Executive Chef

"The Spice Patch has really hit the nail on the head for me. Many spice companies push out cookie-cutter blends that are tired and uninspired. Chef Chasidy really changes things up with new flavors, interesting combinations, and unique twist. She truly cares about the product she in putting out and you can really taste the difference! Do yourself a favor and get some Spice Patch in your Pantry!"

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