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At The Spice Patch, our primary mission is to offer a diverse range of health-conscious spice blends that cater to independent consumers. We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, should have access to bold and delightful flavors. Through our exploration of various cultures, we have sought to express this diversity through our meticulously crafted seasoning blends.

Our team carefully calculates each flavor profile, ensuring a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. We constantly strive to introduce new and exciting blends on a daily basis. In line with our commitment to collaboration, we invite you to join us on this flavorful journey by creating your own custom blends using our weekly selection.

We take great pride in featuring our customers' remarkable creations, and your blend mix may even earn the coveted title of "Spice of the Month." This recognition serves as a testament to your unique tastes and inventive combinations.

Currently, The Spice Patch is a one-woman operation, spearheaded by a passionate SHE-E-O who handcrafts custom blends. When demand is high, we work tirelessly and efficiently to ensure swift delivery to your kitchen. Additionally, we cater to customers with specific allergies by providing custom allergy blends, ensuring that no flavor seeker is left out.

Choose your favorite blend, and if you have any allergies, feel free to reach out to us so we can accommodate your needs and provide you with a stress-free flavor experience.

We are driven by our passion for creating spice blends that enable you to craft fabulous culinary creations, and we owe our success to the continuous support and feedback from valued users like yourself. Stay updated with our latest releases and upcoming offerings by following us on Instagram. We highly encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts, providing us with valuable feedback and suggestions for future blends.

Thank you for being a part of The Spice Patch community!

Allow me to introduce Chasidy Flood, widely known as Chasythechef, who embarked on her quest for extraordinary flavors in 2013. It was during her studies at Johnson & Wales University that she stumbled upon "The Flavor Bible," a pivotal moment that ignited her culinary journey. While navigating her path in the culinary industry, she often encountered the question, "What is your signature?"

Chef Chasidy's focus centered around exploring flavors and embracing diverse cultures beyond her beloved southern comfort food, which she had mastered through her upbringing.

"I am driven by a deep desire to understand and respect various cultures, much like being personally hired as a chef. Everyone has unique preferences for their food, whether rooted in tradition or seeking something novel. My aspiration is to be the chef who comprehends and delivers it all through The Spice Patch blends."

As the SHE-E-O of her culinary career, Chef Chasidy recognizes the detrimental impact of unhealthy fats, salts, and sugars on the black community. To contribute to a solution, The Spice Patch blends incorporate all-natural Hawaiian Black salt in every spice blend, promoting natural salt intake while working towards reducing overall salt consumption.

"Why not be the catalyst for change in combating high blood pressure, diabetes, and other food-related illnesses prevalent in the black community? I wholeheartedly accept this challenge and embark on this pro-black health journey with great enthusiasm."


Spiceologist + CEO



Chef Jay Labs

Levy Executive Chef

"The Spice Patch has really hit the nail on the head for me. Many spice companies push out cookie-cutter blends that are tired and uninspired. Chef Chasidy really changes things up with new flavors, interesting combinations, and unique twist. She truly cares about the product she in putting out and you can really taste the difference! Do yourself a favor and get some Spice Patch in your Pantry!"

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