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  • How do I season...?
    A. We've organized our spices by protien so you can choose which protien/non-protien best fits your cusine routine.We also specify the flavor combination of each blend so you know exactly what flavor youre getting.
  • What if I dont know what I flavor I want?
    If you still dont have a clue, we've partnered up with Groovin Gourmet and co-star Chasy the Chef pairing exclusive recipes with our spice line. For spice collections and recipes, check out our Groovin Gourmet tab or go to
  • What makes The Spice Patch so healthy?
    We strive to provide consumers with a relaxing flavor that you dont have to be health concious for. Which includes but not limited to; 1. Natural undyed black lava salt 2. For consumers with diabetes, high blood pressure, and allergies 3. If you have an allergy, a spiceologist wiill mix up and blend up any flavor your way without your spice allergy.
  • What is Hawaiian Black Salt? How is it healthy?
    Our Black salt is harvested from the coast of Hawaii, where the charcoal lava rock meets the pacific salty ocean that create this natual beautiful black salt. Some of the health benefits that black lava salt has is; 1. less sodium than everyday table salt. 2. reduces excess acid in the stomach. 3. reduces sodium intake. 4. helps to improve digestion.
  • Why are the spice blends so expensive?
    The Spice Patch provides you with 5.5oz/155.92g of high quality hand blended spices. Compared to competitors, their prices are flaxuated or very affordable but contains higher salt content, and/or approximetly 2oz per purchase. We wanna give you high quality and give you the bang for your buck.
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